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Temple of the Flaming Pistachio Shell


Why are we here? Simple. To stop the Illuminati in their age old quest to impose order over everything and everyone. We all know that no good ever came of arbitrary order. Do you like politics? If so, I don't know why you are still at this page. Politics is a governmental science. Unless one only enjoys the debate aspect of it, Politics can be quite harmful to free thought. It is also a perfect example of arbitrary order. What reason is there for it? What reason is there for any government? You'll get different answers to that rhetorical question from everyone who cares to answer. Our answer is that there really is no reason. There is no need for order.

Disorder is what makes life fun, interesting, and worthwhile. An example of disorder? Well, a street riot is a bit extreme, but it is a good example. A little less volatile an example would be FREEDOM. If there are no rules [no order] restraining you from doing what you want to do, you are free to do as you please. Laws, imposed by government, limit freedom, and channel free will. A game of basketball on a street court is also an example of disorder. Assuming there are no referees, there are no rules that you really must follow. Isn't a game fun? Doesn't it become less fun when it gets into obscure rulings and penalties? Exactly our point. Think of this hypothetical baskeball game as life. Wouldn't life then be more fun without the rules? We think so.

Discordianism, of course, encourages discord, or chaos; the state of no rules. If everyone threw away the rules they were used to, they would all have a better time living... except for maybe some high-ranking government officials. That is why we want to spread Discordian wisdom, for the betterment of all our lives, and ultimately, the destruction of the Illuminati.