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Temple of the Flaming Pistachio Shell


Here is a list of some of the titles we Discordians claim.

Episkopos - The "leader" of a Discordian cabal. The office of the Episkopos is to point, not to teach.

Pope - You are a Pope, and so am I. There will be more Popes after me.

K.G.A. - Keeper of the Golden Apple

K.S.C. - Keeper of the Sacred Chao (Pronounced "cow")

J.A.M. - Justified Ancient of Mummu

A.A.A. - American Anarchist Association (Not really a Discordian title)

E.L.F. - Erisian Liberation Front

L.D.D. - Legion of Dynamic Discord

A.I.S.B. - Ancient Illuminated Seer of Bavaria

D.S.M. - Disciple of Saint Mojo

D.F.*. - Discordian Freeman Admiral, Captain, etc. This title was instituted by the Hagbard Celine Memorial Buccaneering Fund. They created the Discordian "navy". It is more of a joke than not.

K.N.S. - ??? If you know this one, please email us.