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Temple of the Flaming Pistachio Shell


The Illuminated Web Award

The Illuminated Web Award is an image we give to the owners of particularly interesting, advanced, or well-implemented sites. Another way to say the former would be that we give it to the owners of cool pages. It was created using Paint Shop Pro 4.12. The background of it was originally a scanned photo of Marcellus Wallace from Quentin Tarrintino's film, Pulp Fiction. Believe it or not. If you have any suggestions for the award, mail the address to us.

Current Winners of the Illuminated Web Award:

- 2600: The Hacker Quarterly at : for graphics and design work

- I.G.G.L.E. at : in the Discordian content category

- The Homepage Formerly Known as Marc & Ben at : as our final winner of 1997, for general surreality and also Discordian content. You'll have to go through a few links to get to the Discordian sections though.



The Illuminated Web Award was created by Episkopos Suunbea in 1997.