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Temple of the Flaming Pistachio Shell

These links are from all over the web. We hope you'll find what you need here.

Some of these aren't really Discordian in nature, but we either felt they would be useful, or had used them on the other pages.



Getchyer Pope Card

Microsoft Hate Page

MTV sucks

The New Hacker's Dictionary - = D =

Discordian Society Quake Clan

An Illuminati Outline of History

Homepage of the Nina Kazawa Kabal

DigiCrime, Inc.

Discordians the Hidden Threat -totally ridiculous

23rd Erisians of Mu Cabal-(ah)

Kultcha: A Wallnewspaper by Kerry Thornley

The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech

What is a Discordian?

The Eris Society

The Illuminati Project

HyperDiscordia, Confusion for a New Generation

Welcome to the Universal Life Church


Tools of CHAOS


Black Crawling Systems Archives -doesn't really belong, but was too good to pass up


Ethernet Order of Freeadmins
State of Discordia
Erisian Fields
Kipple Cabal
Portable Discordian Temples
Cabal of the Bunless Tofu-Dog
Black-Ops: Conspiracy Theory Encyclopedia
Microsoft and the Bavarian Illuminati
Illuminati, The
Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Club
Yiddish Pickle Cabal
Wholly Church Ov Thee Grate MOO
Second Coming of the Purple Sage Cabal
ScotchBrite Masons, Sibilhood of Contrarian Discordians
Principia Discordia [] Chaoticism Archive
Kipple Cabal of Discordian International
House of the Techno-Discordians
T.J.'s Discordian Eristocracy
House of the Kiwi
Hagbard Celine Memorial Buccaneering Fund
Flat Earth Society, The

2600 Magazine

Discordian Mis-Information Services
Church of Eris of the Eclectic Sponge
Wilson, Robert Anton