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Temple of the Flaming Pistachio Shell

The Discordian Biscuit is a little of our own brand of Discordian wisdom. It is updated whenever a new "revelation" comes to us. You are welcome to mail us your own ideas for the Biscuit- we will publish them. WARNING: if you are a disciplinarian, some of these "lessons" may challenge your entire way of thinking.


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We apologize for the extremely long period between Biscuit updates. We have not forsaken you, our computer has forsaken us. We have had to format our hard drive here at the Temple and consequently, we lost all our material and copies of the pages. More importantly, we lost our HTML editor and we really didn't feel like using Notepad to code by hand. We are back now, so do not dispair. We have now updated and any faithful readers (If we have any :P) should have been notified by email from Netmind- if you entered your address in the above form, that is.

Discordian Biscuit (#4)

Good(?) and Bad(?)

There is no Good or Bad.

There could never be a standard for something like this because it would be different to everyone. This came to me while examining a diagram on page 63 of the Principia Discordia (The Curse of Greyface and the Introduction of Negativism). I found myself trying to decide which was good and bad among Creative Order, Creative Disorder, Destructive Order, and Destructive Disorder. I suddenly realized that this was completely ludicrous and I stopped immediately. None of the divisions of energy are either "good" or "bad"; it all depends on how they are manifested. A communist government, on one hand, may be considered Destructive Order, but a true democratic government (The United States may not be the very best example of this) might be considered Creative Order. However, both would be seen as vice versa to some people; a communist is the best example in this case. Anarchy could be seen as either depending on the point of view it is examined from. If you were an anarchist, or simply hated your former government, you might be quite happy in the anarchy and consider it to be Creative Disorder and "Good". An official of the former government, however, would consider it Destructive Disorder and "Bad", even apart from his loss of employment, because it destroyed the government. Anarchy is a near perfect example of the stupidity of classifying things into either "Good" or "Bad" in that it shows that something can be both. A mathematical or scientific theory is proven to be false when an instance is found where it does not work. Therefore, a system of good and bad is not only stupid, it is scientifically incorrect since it has been proven false. How did the impulse to classify objects and energy get into our minds? It has been taught to us over years and we never questioned. Question the system now, and break free from another shackle keeping us all from true free thought.

Episkopos Suunbea